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New DMU from Ghana Railways-TAKE A RIDE!

New DMU from Ghana Railways-TAKE A RIDE! The Ghana Railway Company Limited took delivery of two Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) Locomotives for shuttle services which are suppose to run shifts. The shifts are made up of the morning and evening services.
ADVANTAGES OF THE DMU Comfort- The DMU provides comfortable seating capacity for all commuters. Seats are designed to meet the demands of Passengers and are more spacious and bigger compared to those offered by the commercial vehicle transport divisions. The DMU also has a centralized air-conditioned system which regulates temperature in the train and also comes with an intercom to aid communication with the driver when the need arises.
Cost effective- The DMU shuttle service is cheap as compared to the other means of transportation in Ghana. With an Amount of only 2 GH¢, you are assured of a comfortable ride to your destination.
Safety- In terms of accidents and breakdowns the DMU as a means of transport is the safest. Rarely will it derail.
Punctuality- The DMU is time-bound and helps you to reach your destination quickly. This is so because, normally, train transport is not accustomed to the daily traffic jams on the roads. Once it moves, it does not stop due to traffic jam. A commuter is therefore able to reach work, school etc on time and execute his tasks without any additional pressure due to lateness. And as the old saying goes “An early bird catches the worm” when one gets to work on time he or she can maximize productivity by meeting set targets and deadlines on time. With the morning service, the shuttle takes off from Sekondi at exactly 7:00am and reaches/ends at Takoradi at exactly at 7:41am, with several stops at various stations and halts including PRISONS, KOJOKROM, KETAN, ADIEMBIA ETC.
The evening service starts from Takoradi at exactly 5:15pm with stops at various stations and halts including BUTUAH, ESSAMAN, ADIEMBRA, KETAN, KOJOKROM ETC. Jan 25, 2018